YJ Middleton Programs

Welcome to Yellow Jackets Middleton !

20,000 sq. foot air conditioned gymnasium
• All Olympic equipment for girls and boys
• In ground trampoline and foam pits
• Viewing balcony with unobstructed view of entire facility
• Private dance/martial arts studio

School Year Registration Now Available


Yellow Jackets offers both Boys & Girls developmental classes. Specially designed progressive classes geared towards skill development and gymnastics fitness for girls and boys. Chldren are organized by age and ability and participate on all of the Olympic events.


The Little Athletes program is specially designed sports development and fitness classes that focus on the physical, social and emotional development of pre-schoolers. Our professional staff guide children through the magic of sport and movement in a fun, friendly, supportive environment. Emphasis is placed on children devleoping sport-specific skills as well as enhancing strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance.

Hot Shots

Our hotshots program is designed for young athletes who are advanced in gymnastics. The ages of this program typically run from five to eight years old. This program is to help develop the discipline and work ethic a gymnast needs to further their gymnastics career. This program is designed to lead gymnasts to the competitive track.


Cheer tumble from basics cartwheels - round-offs - walkovers and working on strength and conditioning needed for a back handspring and skill progression for more advanced skills.


Join us for our YJ Ninja. Timed obstacle courses and tumbling. Time is also spent on tumble track and trampoline.

Junior Olympic Boys & Girls Teams

Details Coming Soon!


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